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Gent Koço - Violinist

Korça Ensemble

Jenny Stephenson - Clarinet, Gent Koço - Violin, Christopher Baxter - Piano


The Korça Ensemble comprises of clarinet, violin and piano, an unusual chamber ensemble combination which came to prominence in the early 20th Century. Numerous composers have since written for this most lyrical instrumentation exploiting its melodic timbres including Bartok, Khachaturian, Milhaud and Menotti.


The ensemble was formally created in 2015 but, the three players have worked together on numerous musical collaborations over the years with Jenny and Christopher studying together at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Named after a small Albanian town on the border with Greece, the ensemble performs regularly throughout Scotland and Albania.

“Gent, Jenny and Chris made the sparks fly and produced some truly stunning ensemble work.” - BBC Scottish Symphony Club Concert Review

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